FEBUARY 9 Avant Garde: ‘Mozart, Masons & Magic’ (Basil Hetzel Lecture Theatre)
18 — 24 The Magic Flute (Masonic Hall)
22 En Garde: ‘Drinks Down the Rabbit Hole’ (Freemasons Great Hall)
APRIL 10 Public Masterclass: Gale Edwards (The Opera Studio)
15 Cloudstreet! Panel Event: ‘From Page to Stage’ (Elder Hall)
27 The Friends Opera Voices Introduction: Cloudstreet! ( The Opera Studio)
MAY 3 Avant Garde: ‘Evolving Opera ‘(Basil Hetzel Lecture Theatre)
12 — 21 Cloudstreet! (Her Majesty’s Theatre)
18 En Garde: ‘Housemates Wanted at No 1. Cloudstreet!

(Her Majesty’s Theatre)

JUNE 24 The Friends: ‘Through the Looking Glass 40th Anniversary Event’

(The Opera Studio)

JULY 8 — 10 Winter Showcase (The Opera Studio)
11 — 16 Innocence Workshop (The Opera Studio)
AUGUST 23 Avant Garde: ‘Romance, Realism and Resolutions

(Basil Hetzel Lecture Theatre)

28 Public Masterclass: Rosario La Spina (The Opera Studio)
SEPTEMBER 2 — 4 Puccini Spectacular (Adelaide Town Hall)
9 The Friends ‘Through the Looking Glass 40th Anniversary Event’

(The Opera Studio)

OCTOBER 6 — 8 Elder Conservatorium & State Opera Production (The Opera Studio)
16 Public Masterclass: Mario Bellanova & Gisele Blanchard

(The Opera Studio)

23 The Friends Through the Opera Glass 40th Anniversary Luncheon

(Coriole Winery)

26 The Friends Opera Voices Introduction: Tosca (The Opera Studio)
NOVEMBER 1 Avant Garde: ‘Drama, Dames and Division’ (The Mortlock Chamber)
12 — 19 Tosca (Adelaide Festival Theatre)
DECEMBER 9 — 11 Summer Showcase (Opera Studio)

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